Transition from Operation to Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations
Technical Reports Series No.  420
The transition period between operation of an installation and the implementation of the decommissioning strategy is a critical one. In this period, a number of modifications, both technical and organizational, are needed to adjust a plant to meet new objectives and requirements. It is essential that detailed planning for decommissioning begin in good time during plant operation and that preparatory actions for the implementation of the decommissioning strategy be initiated immediately after permanent shutdown. This ensures a gradual transition and minimizes uncontrolled loss of resources. The purpose of this report is to highlight technical, management and organizational issues during the transition period, to provide guidance to minimize delays and undue costs, to optimize personnel and other resources, and to initiate preparatory activities for decommissioning in a planned, timely and cost effective manner.
STI/DOC/010/420, 221 pp.; 54 figures; 2004, ISBN 92-0-114103-3, English. 39.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2004-06-14. Full Text, (File Size: 1706 KB).
Subject Classification: 0611 - Radioactive waste management; 0701 - Nuclear power planning and economics; 0804 - Waste management.
Responsible Officer: Mr Michele Laraia,

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