Radiation Protection against Radon in Workplaces other than Mines
Safety Reports Series No.  33
This report deals with radon and thoron and their decay products in workplaces other than mines. It is intended for use in the application of radiation protection principles in those workplaces where employers may not have an extensive background in radiation protection. It provides practical information on action levels for workplaces, on monitoring techniques and on actions aimed at reducing exposures to radon and thoron and their decay products when necessary. It is also intended to assist regulatory bodies in establishing their own national policies in controlling high radon and thoron exposures of non-mining workforces.
STI/PUB/1168, 74 pp.; 1 figures; 2003, ISBN 92-0-113903-9, English. 19.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2004-02-19. Full Text, (File Size: 576 KB).
Subject Classification: 0609 - Radiation protection; 0609 - Radiation protection; 0801 - Uranium ore processing.
Responsible Officer: Mr Dennis Wymer, NSNI

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