Management of Waste Containing Tritium and Carbon-14
Technical Reports Series No.  421
This report reviews and analyses experience in the application of different organizational and technological approaches to the management of waste containing C-14 and tritium, and reviews the different sources of such waste and the characteristics important in the selection of appropriate methods for its processing, storage, disposal and release.
STI/DOC/010/421, 109 pp.; 8 figures; 2004, ISBN 92-0-114303-6, English. 20.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2004-09-15. Full Text, (File Size: 738 KB).
Subject Classification: 0611 - Radioactive waste management; 0803 - Spent fuel management; 0804 - Waste management.
Responsible Officer: Mr Valeri Efremenkov, TCAF

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