Atomic and Plasma–Material Interaction Data for Fusion
Atomic and Plasma–Material Interaction Data for Fusion  8
Volume 8 provides an exhaustive source of information on elastic scattering, momentum transfer and viscosity cross-sections for collisions of hydrogenic ions, atoms and molecules, and their isotopes, in the energy range pertinent to fusion reactor divertor plasma and extending (in its low-energy part) to collision conditions that are relevant for astrophysics. Hydrogen ion-helium atom collisions are also included in this volume. The reported cross-sections are obtained from extensive quantum-mechanical calculations and can be regarded as having very high accuracy.
Contents: Part A: Introduction and theory; Part B: Ion-neutral collision systems; Part C: Neutral-neutral collision systems.
STI/PUB/023/APID/08, 699 pp.; 37 figures; 1999, English, Volume 8. 58.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 1/21/1999. Full Text, (File Size: 23200 KB).
Subject Classification: 0301 - Physics; 0306 - Nuclear data; 0900 - Plasma physics and nuclear fusion.

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