The Radiological Accident in Goi‚nia

The Government and authorities in Brazil were faced with a tragic accident in Goi‚nia resulting from the misuse of a strongly radioactive medical teletherapy source not under radiation protection surveillance. The present report is divided into four parts: a chronology of destruction of the source, discovery of the accident and initial response; a description of the human consequences and the dosimetry and treatment of seriously exposed and contaminated persons; an account of the assessment of the environmental contamination and the remedial actions taken; and observations and recommendations. Appendices and annexes give an assessment of the effectiveness of international co-operation in the emergency response, and provide further information on: public communications; radiological survey equipment; guidelines for the discharge of patients; radiological protection; chemical decontamination; and the lessons learned.
Contents: Executive summary; Part I. The accident: 1. Introduction; 2. Background information; 3. Description of the accident; 4. Initial actions upon discovery of the accident; Part II. The human consequences: Dealing with the people affected; 5. Medical response; 6. Dosimetry; Part III. The environmental contamination: Assessment and remedial actions; 7. Introduction and account of actions taken; 8. Environmental assessments; 9. Decontamination; 10. Waste disposal; Part IV. Observations and recommendations; Appendices and annexes.
STI/PUB/815, 1988, ISBN 92-0-129088-8, English. 31.50 Euro. Date of Issue: 9/16/1988. Full Text, (File Size: 6550 KB).

Subject Classification: 0609 - Radiation protection; 0610 - Accident response.

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