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(EX/C1-1) High Performance Tokamak Experiments with Ferritic Steel Wall on JFT-2M

K. Tsuzuki1), H. Kimura1), H. Kawashima1), M. Sato1), K. Kamiya1), K. Shinohara1), H. Ogawa, K. Hoshino1), M. Bakhtiar1), S. Kasai1), K. Uehara1), H. Sasao1), Y. Kusama1), N. Isei1), Y. Miura1), T. Ogawa1), M. Yamamoto1), T. Shibata1), K. Kikuchi1), K. Miyachi1), T. Ito2), H. Ajikawa2), S. Nomura2), H. Tsutsui2), R. Shimada2), T. Ido3), Y. Hamada3), N. Fukumoto4), M. Nagata4), T. Uyama4), H. Niimi5), S. Yatsu5), N. Kayukawa5), T. Hino5, Y. Hirohata5), Y. Nagashima6, A. Ejiri6), A. Amemiya7), Y. Sadamoto8), A. Tsushima9)
1) Japan Atmic Energy Research Institute, Tokai-mura Ibaraki, Japan
2)Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
3)National Institute for Fusion Science,Toki, Gifu, Japan
4)Himeji Institute of Technology, Himeji, Hyogo, Japan
5)Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
6)University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
7)The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Wako, Saitama, Japan
8)Joetsu University of education, Joetsu, Nigata, Japan
9)Yokohama National University, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

Abstract.  The low activation ferritic steel (such as F82H) is a leading candidate material for a fusion demonstration reactor. In order to demonstrate compatibility between the ferritic steel and plasma, JFT-2M ( R = 1.31 m, a = 0.35 m, Bt0 < 2.2 T) is promoting the Advanced Material Tokamak EXperiment (AMTEX) program, where effects of ferritic steel to plasma are intensively investigated by introducing ferritic steel into the device step by step. No deteriorative effect on the plasma stability was observed with ferritic steel wall inside the vacuum vessel (partial covering). High normalized beta plasma of the beta value of 2.8 having both internal transport barrier and H-mode edge was obtained with the ferritic inside wall. JFT-2M is also performing advanced and basic research with an MSE polarimetry, a heavy ion beam probe (HIBP) and a compact toroid injector etc, for the development of the high performance tokamak plasma. As for the H-mode study, poloidal wave number of the fluctuation is evaluated by the HIBP. A radial particle flux induced by the fluctuation clearly decreases at the L-H transition. Such recent research activities on JFT-2M are reviewed.

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IAEA 2003