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(CT-6Ra) Status of the European Concept of the 1 MV Negative Ion Accelerator for the ITER FEAT Neutral Beam Injectors

R.S. Hemsworth1), D. Boilson1), H.P.L. de Esch1), A. Krylov1), P. Massmann1), L. Svensson1
1) Association EURATOM-CEA, CEA/DSM/DRFC, CEA-Cadarache, St Paul lez Durance, France

Abstract.  The European concept of the 1 MeV, 40 A, D-, accelerator for the ITER FEAT injectors is the so-called SINGAP accelerator. The 3 key areas that must be demonstrated before this accelerator can be confidently chosen for the ITER injectors are currently being studied at the DRFC, CEA-Cadarache. Those areas are: (i) the ability to withstand the required voltage, 1 MV, over the single main acceleration gap; (ii) that the model of the accelerator used to design the beam optics for the ITER injectors can correctly predict the actual performance; and (iii) that the predicted performance is adequate for ITER FEAT. It has already been demonstrated that 1 MeV can be held with a 625 mm acceleration gap, and that the beams accelerated up to >900 keV with the prototype accelerator have optics in good agreement with predictions. At this meeting results will be presented of voltage holding and beam acceleration from the prototype accelerator with a 350 mm gap (as per the ITER SINGAP accelerator), and comparisons of measured and predicted beam characteristics. In addition some details of the ITER SINGAP accelerator and the new ``ITER-like'' accelerator to be tested at Cadarache will be given.

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IAEA 2003