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(CT-1) The ITER Magnets: Preparation for Full Size Construction based on the Results of the Model Coil Programme

M. Huguet1), ITER International Team and Participant Teams
1) ITER IT, ITER Naka JWS, Naka-Machi, Naka-Gun, Ibaraki, Japan

Abstract.  The ITER magnets are long-lead items and the preparation of their construction is the subject of a major and coordinated effort of the ITER international team and participant teams. The results of the ITER model coil programme constitute the basis and an essential source of data for the preparation of the technical specifications for procurement. A review of the salient results of the ITER model coil programme is given and the significance of these results for the preparation of full size industrial production is explained. The model coil programme has confirmed the validity of the design and the feasibility of the ITER magnets. The programme has also allowed the optimisation of the conductor design and the identification of areas of further development for the Toroidal Field coil case materials for manufacturing cost reductions.

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IAEA 2003