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(S-5) Summary on Fusion Technology, Safety and Environmental Aspects

S. Matsuda1), K. Koizumi
1) Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI), Naka, Japan

Abstract.  The year 2002 was in the middle of successive governmental negotiation toward the start of the ITER Construction. The ITER Engineering Design Activities (EDA) continued until July 2001, and most of the highlighted topics were already reported at the last IAEA Fusion Energy Conference in Montreal or in other opportunities. However, the ITER EDA was followed by the Coordinated Technical Activities that provided a lot of qualitative achievements such as, the search for predictions on operation capabilities based on various data bases and analysis, optimization of the design based on its validating technology R&D. The sections of this paper are arranged in the order of 1) Introduction, 2) ITER, 3) Toroidal Devices under Construction or under Design, 4) Reactor Technology, 5) Safety and Environment, and 6) Conclusions.

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