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(TH/P3-01) Edge Pedestal and Er Layer Formation by X-transport in a Diverted Tokamak

C.S. Chang1), S.H. Ku2), H. Weitzner3), R. White4)
1) New York University, New York, USA, KAIST, Korea
2) Department of Physics, KAIST, Daejon, Korea
3) New York university, New York, USA
4) Princeton Plasma Physics laboratory, Princeton, USA

Abstract.  X-transport is a non-tokamak type of collisional non-ambipolar transport localized to the X-region, caused by a lack of poloidal magnetic field. It is a baseline source of strong edge pedestal and Er-layer formation in a diverted tokamak. Since the last report, a new Monte Carlo guiding center code has been developed for a detailed study of the X-transport, including the plasma pedestal formation and flow development in the plasma edge. We will use the new results to shed light on many of the unresolved observations in the edge pedestal and H-mode experiments. Detailed physical processes in the density and temperature pedestal formation will be presented, among others. We will also compare the pedestal and Er-layer formation (and implication to H-mode transitions) between a compact tokamak and an ordinary tokamak.

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IAEA 2003