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(FT/P2-01) Key Features and Progress of the KSTAR Tokamak Engineering

J.S. Bak1), C.H. Choi1), Y.K. Oh1), Y.S. Kim1), N.I. Her1), K.H. Im1), H.L. Yang1), B.C. Kim1), I.K. Yoo1), J.W. Sa1), H.K. Kim1), M. Kwon1), G.S. Lee1)
1) Korea Basic Science Institute, Daejeon, Korea

Abstract.  Substantial progress of the KSTAR tokamak engineering has been made on major tokamak structures, superconducting magnets, in-vessel components, diagnostic system, heating system and power supplies. The engineering design has been elaborated to the extent necessary to allow a realistic assessment of its feasibility, performance, and cost. The prototype fabrication has been carried out to establish the reliable fabrication technologies and to confirm the validation of analyses employed for the KSTAR design. The completion of experimental building with beneficial occupancy for machine assembly is expected in April 2002. The construction of special utility such as cryoplant, de-ionized water-cooling system, and main power station will begin upon completion of building construction. The commissioning, construction, fabrication and assembly of the whole facility will be going on by the end of 2005. This paper describes the main design features and engineering progress of the KSTAR tokamak, and elaborates the work currently underway.

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IAEA 2003