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(FT/P1-15) Impacts of Carbon Impurity in Plasmas on Tungsten First Wall

Y. Ueda1), T. Shimada1), M. Nishikawa1)
1) Osaka University, Suita, Japan

Abstract.  In order to study material mixing effects of carbon and tungsten on plasma material interactions, hydrogen ion beam (containing less than 1 % of carbon ion) irradiation experiments have been made with a steady-state and high-flux ion beam irradiation test device (HiFIT). By irradiation with 1 keV H+3 beam with 0.40 % carbon with the fluence of the order of 1024m- 2, it was clearly observed that quite a lot of blisters with its size up to about 1.0 mm were formed at 653 K. On the other hand, significant blisters were not observed with 0.08 % carbon (other experimental parameters were the same). These small amounts of carbon also increased hydrogen retention in tungsten.

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IAEA 2003