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(OV/3-1) Progress in Direct-Drive Laser Fusion Using GEKKO XII/PW Facility

T. Yamanaka1), H. Azechi1), Y. Fujimoto1), H. Fujita1), Y. Izawa1), T. Jitsuno1), Y. Kitagawa1), R. Kodama1), K. Mima1), N. Miyanaga1), M. Murakami1), H. Nagatomo1), M. Nakai1), K. Nagai1), M. Nakatsuka1), K. Nishihara1), H. Nishimura1), T. Norimatsu1), Y. Sentoku1), K. Shigemori1), H. Shiraga1), H. Takabe1), K. Tsubakimoto1), S. Yamada1), M. Yamanaka1)
1) Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan

Abstract.  Extensive studies have been carried out for the fast-ignitor laser fusion which can provide one of the most feasible short tracks in the fusion energy development. We have upgraded the heating laser up to 1 PW (500 J/500 fs) and have started comprehensive studies on the transport of high current relativistic electron beam in the dense plasma. Substantial heating of the core plasma up to 1 keV is expected with implosion plasma produced by the Gekko XII laser. We have experimentally obtained for the first time all parameters to decide the growth rate of Rayleigh-Taylor instability using the HIPER irradiation system which can generate ablation pressure up to 60 Mbar and newly developed advanced x-ray diagnostic tools. We have proposed the FIREX (Fast Ignitor Realization Experiment) program for demonstrating the proof-of-principle of fast ignitor scheme. By the irradiation of $ \sim$10 kJ/2-10 ps laser onto a DT core plasma formed by the GEKKO-XII, we are aiming at temperature of >8 keV and the fusion gain near unity.

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IAEA 2003