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(IC/P-01) Experimental Study on Practicability of Self-Created Spherical Tokamak in Coilless STPC-EX Machine

S. Sinman1), A. Sinman2)
2)Turkish Atomic Energy Authority, Nuclear Fusion Laboratory, Ankara, Turkey

Abstract.  The aim of this study is to recognize the physical basis of the alternative self organization mechanism occured STPC-EX machine. The conventional diagnostic tools are used in this study and for photogaphic recording, open shutter integrated post-fogging method is preferred. The annular coaxial two plasma current sheets, one within other at the same direction, are created and flowed on the surface of the floating conductive central rod. Consequently, spherical tokamak - configurated by new creation mechanism of Dual Axial Z-Pinch (DAZP) - yields fairly high beta of 0.4-0.6 at self created spherical tokamak plasma. Sustainment time of DAZP is 5.6-6.3 milli second.

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IAEA 2003