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(IF/P-18) Indirect Drive Hohlraum Design for Laser ICF

E. Dattolo1), P. Nicolaï1), D. Babonneau1), J.P. Jadaud1), S. Laffite1), M.C. Monteil1), G. Schurtz1), M. Vandenboomgaerde1), F. Wagon1)
1) CEA, Bruyères Le Chatel, France

Abstract.  In an indirect drive scheme, the laser light is converted in X-rays in a hohlraum made with an high-Z material. Part of this radiation flux is absorbed by a microballoon, filled with DT and placed in the center of the hohlraum, leading to its implosion, ignition and burn. The control of hohlraum energetics is then an issue for the LMJ target design. The presentation will give the status of our knowledge and last improvements in our codes to describe the production and the control of the radiation flux in the hohlraum. Validation of our simulations is ensured by a large experimental program that covers two themes : radiation energy and flux characterization inside the hohlraum, and symmetry.

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IAEA 2003