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(IF/P-07) Numerical Analysis of Non-spherical Implosion for Fast Ignition Using Newly Developed Integrated Implosion

H. Nagatomo1), T. Johzaki1), N. Ohnishi2), S. Yamada1), K. Mima1), K. Nishihara1), K. Sawada2), H. Takabe1)
1) Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka Univeristy, Osaka, Japan
2)Department of Aeronautics and Space Engineering,Tohoku University,Japan

Abstract.  The fast ignition scheme is one of the epoch making method for the inertial fusion energy. The numerical simulation plays an important role in estimating the performance of the scheme and designing the targets and laser pulse shapes for this new ignition scheme. One of the key issues in numerical analysis for the fast ignition is controlling of the hydrodynamic of imploding target to form a high density core plasma in non-spherical implosion. In order to study the problem, we have upgraded the integrated implosion code. Using the code, implosion of a non-spherical shell target with a conical target is simulated. As the result, we can conclude that the implosion with the cone which in not clean spherical geometry can make the high density core region also. In this paper, we will describe the detail feature of the integrated implosion code and the performance of the non-spherical implosion that is estimated by the present code.

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IAEA 2003