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(IF/P-01) Studies of Stimulated Raman Scattering in Laser Plasma Interactions

A. Bers1), A. Salcedo1), R.J. Focia1), A.K. Ram1)
1) Plasma Science and Fusion Center, M.I.T., Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Abstract.  Coupled theoretical and computational work is presented aimed at understanding and modeling stimulated Raman backscattering (SRBS) in large-scale, nearly homogeneous plasmas relevant to laser-plasma interactions (LPIs) in gas-filled hohlraums. In particular, we focus on experimental parameters and results from recent LPI studies of SRBS on the TRIDENT laser facility at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where a preformed plasma was illuminated with a nearly diffraction-limited single hot spot (SHS) laser to simulate LPIs in a single speckle of a high intensity laser beam. With the aid of a new code for simulating and studying the nonlinear coupling in space-time of a large number of modes, and a Vlasov-Maxwell code for studying the evolution of large amplitude electron plasma waves, we report results and their interpretations to elucidate the following five observed, nonlinear phenomena associated with SRBS: coupling of SRBS to Langmuir decay interactions (LDIs); cascading of LDI; effect of ion-acoustic damping on SRBS; SRS cascades; and stimulated electron acoustic wave scattering.

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IAEA 2003