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(IF-3) Fast Ignition Experimental and Theoretical Researches toward Fast Ignition Realization Experiment(FIREX)

K. Mima1), H. Azechi1), H. Fujita1), Y. Izawa1), T. Jitsuno1), T. Johzaki1), Y. Kitagawa1), R. Kodama1), N. Miyanaga1), K. Nagai1), H. Nagatomo1), M. Nakatsuka1), H. Nishimura1), T. Norimatsu1), S. Sakabe1), K. Shigemori1), T. Takabe1), K.A. Tanaka1), H. Yoshida1), T. Yamanaka1), P. Norreys2), M. Zepf2), K.M. Krushelnic2), H. Habara2), T. Hall2)
1) Institut of Laser Engineering, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan
2)Rutherford Appleton Laboratory,Oxfordshire, UK, and the Collaborating Universities of UK

Abstract.  In 2000, the output energy of the peta watt module added to Gekko XII reached a level of 100 J in one pico-second. CD plastic shell pellets with or without cone guide are imploded by a few kJ/1 ns green beams of the Gekko XII laser, which are heated by the PWM laser. By the experiments, we found that D-D neutron yields are enhanced by one order of magnitude for both spherical implosion and cone guide implosion. In those experiments, it is found that the heating laser energy was not transfered into the core plasmas effectively in the case of without cone because of strong dumping of the intense laser pulse in coronal plasmas. Therefore, we concluded that the more efficient core heating occurs in the cone guide target and it will be better as an ignition target. In the peta watto laser experiments which is going in this April, we will inject 500 J/1 ps pulse into cone targets to heat compressed CD plasmas with a density of 50-100 g/cc. In this experiment, it is expected that the plasma is heated to higher than 1 keV. The detail of the experiment will be reported in the conference.

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