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(EX/P5-01) Progress in Plasma Heating and Confinement at the Multimirror Trap GOL-3

V.S. Koidan1), R.Yu. Akentjev1), A.V. Arzhannikov1), V.T. Astrelin1), A.V. Burdakov1), I.A. Ivanov1), M.V. Ivantsivsky1), V.V. Konyukhov1), A.G. Makarov1), K.I. Mekler1), S.S. Perin1), S.V. Polosatkin1), V.V. Postupaev1), A.F. Rovenskikh1), S.L. Sinitsky1), V.D. Stepanov1), Yu.S. Sulyaev1), A.A. Shoshin1), Eh.R. Zubairov1)
1) Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia

Abstract.  Recent results on heating and confinement of plasma at the multimirror trap GOL-3 are presented. This facility is open trap for confinement of hot (0.1-1 keV) dense ( 1015 - 10161/cm3) plasma. The plasma heating is provided by high-power electron beam (1 MeV, 30 kA, 8 $ \mu$s) with energy content of up to 200 kJ. The upgrade to full-scale corrugation of a magnetic field was completed during last two years at the facility. In the 12-meter solenoid the multimirror sections of 4-meter-length were made at the both ends of the solenoid ( Bmax/Bmin = 5.2 / 3.2 T, cell length is 22 cm). The modified source of preliminary plasma was put in operation for improvement of macroscopically stable beam transport through the plasma column. Search of optimal conditions for confinement of plasma with $ \sim$ 10151/cm3 density and high ion temperature, and also for macroscopically stable system ``electron beam - plasma'' was carried out in the new configuration of facility. As a result of the experiments the plasma with density of (1 - 2)×10151/cm3, n(e)T(e) + n(i)T(i) = (0.5 - 2)×1015 keV/cm3 and confinement time of 100-200 $ \mu$s in a multimirror trap is obtained. Dynamics of electron and ion temperatures is discussed.

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