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(EX/P3-01) High Density Experiments with Strong Gas-puffing under ECRH in T-10

N.A. Kirneva1), Yu. Esipchuk1), A. Borschegovskij1), V. Chistyakov1), M. Dremin1), E. Gorbunov1), S. Grashin1), L. Khimchenko1), A. Khramenkov1), G. Kirnev1), S. Krilov1), V. Krupin1), T. Myalton1), Yu. Pavlov1), V. Poznyak1), I. Roy1), D. Shelukhin1), V. Trukhin1), E. Trukhina1), V. Vershkov1), E. Veschev1), V. Volkov1), V. Zhuravlev1), T-10 Team
1) RRC ``Kurchatov Institute'', Moscow, Russia

Abstract.  High density experiments were carried out in T-10 with strong gas-puffing under ECRH ( Pec = 1.2 MW) with both perpendicular and oblique HF power launch. Densities exceeding the Greenwald limit ( nGw) up to 1.8 times were achieved in regime with high safety factor value, q(a) = 10. Decrease of q(a) to value of 3 led to the reduction of the ratio nlim/nGw to 1. Confinement degradation with density growth was not essential up to the density limit. However, it was found that the typical for T-10 linear growth of the energy confinement time with density, $ \tau_{E}$ $ \sim$ n, saturates at ne = 0.6 . nlim. Saturated $ \tau_{E}^{}$ values exceeded the scaling L89P predictions up to 1.5 times and was close to the value predicted by H-mode scaling (H98,y2).

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IAEA 2003