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(EX/P2-15) Formation & Steady State Maintenance of FRCs Using Rotating Magnetic Field Current Drive

A.L. Hoffman1), R.D. Brooks1), J.A. Grossnickle1), H.Y. Guo1), K.E. Miller1), R.D. Milroy1), A.M. Peter1), Z.A. Pietrzyk1), G.R. Votroubek1)
1) University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA

Abstract.  Rotating Magnetic Fields (RMF) have been used to both form and sustain FRCs in cylindrical flux conservers. Penetration into a conducting plasma cylinder is made possible by the electrons rotating near synchronously with the RMF. When there are more than sufficient electrons to reverse the confinement field, the RMF electron slip will automatically adjust to provide just the degree of RMF penetration to synchronously carry the reversal current, and a net inward flow will develop to maintain current on the inner field lines. This net inward flow has resulted in near zero separatrix densities and maintenance of particle inventory as well as flux, producing steady state FRCs without deliberate fueling. Present plasma temperatures are low, but will be improved by applying standard cleaning techniques used on all other quasi steady state devices.

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IAEA 2003