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(CT/P-17) An Overview of Results in the ITER Generic Site Safety Report (GSSR)

C. Gordon1), H.W. Bartels1), T. Honda2), M. Iseli1), K. Moshonas3), J. Raeder1), N. Taylor4), L. Topilski1)
1) ITER IT, ITER Garching JWS, Garching, Germany
2) Hitachi, Ltd., Power & Industrial Systems R&D Laboratory, Hitachi-Shi, Japan
3) ITER Canada, Toronto, Canada
4) UKAEA, Culham, UK

Abstract.  This paper summarises the results of the ITER safety assessments during the course of the Engineering Design Activities (EDA). The key aspects of ITER safety are effluents and emissions from normal operation, including planned maintenance activities; occupational safety for workers at the facility; radioactive materials and wastes generated during operation and from decommissioning; and potential incidents and accidents and the resulting transients. The implementation of a generic safety approach, the safety aspects of the design, and the assessments of effluents, occupational safety, waste, and accidents are documented in the Generic Site Safety Report (GSSR). The analyses and assessments completed in collaboration with the Home Team experts and documented in the GSSR offer a well-developed technical basis for regulatory applications in potential host countries.

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IAEA 2003