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(EX/C4-5Rb) Transport Barrier Formation by Application of Localized ECH in the LHD

S. Kubo1), T. Shimozuma1), H. Idei1), Y. Yoshimura1), T. Notake2), M. Sato1), K. Ohkubo1), T. Watari1), K. Narihara1), I. Yamada1), S. Inagaki1), Y. Nagayama1), S. Murakami1), S. Muto1), Y. Takeiri1), M. Yokoyama1), N. Ohyabu1), K. Ida1), K. Kawahata1), O. Kaneko1), A. Komori1), T. Mutoh1), Y. Nakamura1), H. Yamada1), T. Akiyama3), N. Ashikawa1), M. Emoto1), H. Funaba1), P. Goncharov4, M. Goto1), K. Ikeda1), M. Isobe1), H. Kawazome5), K. Khlopenkov1), T. Kobuchi1), A. Kostrioukov1), R. Kumazawa1), Y. Liang1), S. Masuzaki1), T. Minami1), J. Miyazawa1), T. Morisaki1, S. Morita1), H. Nakanishi1), Y. Narushima1), K. Nishimura1), N. Noda1), H. Nozato6), S. Ohdachi1), Y. Oka1), M. Osakabe1), T. Ozaki1), B.J. Peterson1), A. Sagara1), T. Saida4), K. Saito1), S. Sakakibara1), R. Sakamoto1), M. Sasao1), K. Sato1), T. Seki1), M. Shoji1), H. Suzuki1), N. Takeuchi2), N. Tamura1), K. Tanaka1), K. Toi1), T. Tokuzawa1), Y. Torii2), K. Tsumori1), K.Y. Watanabe1), Y. Xu1), S. Yamamoto2), T. Yamamoto1)2), M. Yoshinuma1), K. Itoh1), T. Satow1), S. Sudo1), T. Uda1), K. Yamazaki1), K. Matsuoka1), O. Motojima1), Y. Hamada1), M. Fujiwara1)
1) National Institute for Fusion Scinece, Japan, Toki, Japan
2)Department of Energy Engineering and Science, Nagoya University, Japan
3 )Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
4 )Department of Fusion Science, School of Mathematical and Physical Science, Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Hayama, Japan
5) Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University, Uji, Japan
6) Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Abstract.  In the past three years, the LHD has revealed confinement properties as good as those of tokamaks. And achieved beta value of 3.2 % has been attained, satisfying necessary condition to be a candidate for a reactor core. However, a fundamental question remains; whether or not such high performance is maintained in a collisionless regime as the electron temperature gets higher. Indeed, the electron temperature remained below 4 keV for the past 3 years as if it were caught in the vicious dependence of as predicted in low collisional regime. This paper reports that a plasma of 10 keV was achieved in the 5th campaign of the LHD, carried out in 2001, resolving such a concern and opening a new regime of extremely low collisionality. This regime of high Te has the the features of the ITB and is obtained by achieving special experimental conditions.

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IAEA 2003