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(ITERP/14) Design of ITER-FEAT RF Heating and Current Drive Systems

G. Bosia1), N. Kobayashi1), K. Ioki1), P. Bibet2), R. Koch3), R. Chavan4), M. Q. Tran4), K. Takahashi5), S. Kuzikov6), V. Vdovin7)
1) ITER Joint Central Team, Boltzmannstrasse 2, 85748 Garching,
2) DRFC/STID/FCI, CE Cadarache BP n1, 13108 St Paul Lez Durance,
3) Plasma Physics Laboratory, ERM/KMS, 30 Av. de la Renaissance, 1040 Brussels,
4) CRPP, Ass. Euratom - Conf. Suisse, PPB, EPFL 1015 Lausanne,
5) RF Heating Laboratory, JAERI Naka-machi, Naka-gun, Ibaraki-ken 311-01 JAPAN,
6) Institut of Applied Physics, Nizhny Novograd,
7) Kurchatov Institute for Atomic Energy, Moscow

Abstract.  Three radio frequency (RF) heating and current drive (H & CD) systems are being designed for ITER-FEAT: an electron cyclotron (EC), an ion cyclotron (IC) and a lower hybrid (LH) System. The launchers of the RF systems use four ITER equatorial ports and are fully interchangeable. They feature equal power outputs (20 MW/port), similar neutron shielding performance, and identical interfaces with the other machine components. An outline of the design is given in the paper.

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IAEA 2001