First Generation of Fusion Power Plants: Design and Technology

Proceedings of a Technical Meeting
Vienna, 20 – 22 June 2007



The 2nd IAEA Technical Meeting on "First Generation of Fusion Power Plants: Design & Technology" was held in the Vienna, Austria, hosted by the International Atomic Energy Agency from 20 to 22 of June. The Chair of the International Advisory Committee for this meeting was Dr. Satoshi Konishi.

This series of meetings has been initiated under recommendation of the International Fusion Research Council for the IAEA and is expected to initiate, develop and mature ideas on fusion strategy that would be of benefit for all players

The present objectives of this meeting are to provide a forum to discuss concepts, technology and environmental aspects of future fusion power plants, the next step following ITER, their role in future energy mix and to assess a selection of urgent topics aiming at identifying the physics and the technological requirements that ITER and a fusion grade materials developing programme will have to address to support the construction of a DEMO(s) fusion power plant(s) prototype demonstrating viable economics.

The meeting was organized in five sessions addressing five topics: - (PPCA) Power Plant Concepts and systems Analysis. - (MCP) Materials analysis/Components design/Plasma requirements - (NE) Non-Electric applications of fusion - (SESE) Social, Economic, Safety and Environmental aspects of fusion - (EP) Energy Policy, strategy and scenario for fusion development. A summary session took place at the end of the meeting. Thirty-three participants representing twelve Countries and three International Organizations were present at the meeting.