Requirements and visual aids

  1. Some animations are included to illustrate concepts. Animations can be visualized if Adobe® Flash Player is installed on your PC. Below you should see a sample animation. If not, please install it using the installation package provided with the course (for Mozilla, Opera and Netscape) or download the latest version for your browser from Adobe website.
  2. If your browser allows and stores cookies, you can return to the point you were in the last session even if you close your browser or restart your computer. Once you reenter the module, simply scroll the menu and the item you last visited will be highlighted and the menu tree expanded the way you left it.

  3. Intensive use of Javascript is made for several features, eg. the quizzes, the side menu. Therefore you must enable javascript support, wich is available on the vast majority of modern browsers (Mozilla Firefox is recommended).
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  4. A screen resolution of 1024x768 is recommended.
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