International Conference on Research Reactors:
Safe Management and Effective Utilization

14-18 November 2011, Rabat, Morocco

Optimization of Material Test Research Reactor Core for Isotope Production
Poster Presentation

R.O. Abd Alaziz1, A.A. Esmat2, H. Abou-Shady3
1) Sudan Atomic Energy Commission, Khartoum, Sudan
2) Egypt Atomic Energy Authority, Nesr City, Cairo, Egypt
3) Cairo University, Faculty of Science, Cairo, Egypt


In this paper Neutronic calculation (deterministic approach) has been carried out to characterize the neutron flux in locations used for isotope production to achieve optimum utilization of the reactor. In neutronic calculations a number of approximations take place. As a result even if one uses the same codes the results might be different. It is thus of importance to care about the model used. Comparison between different model and with published experimental results has been done. In this work three deferent model of the standard fuel has been tested to determine the accurate one, then it used for core calculation. Calculation of reactivities at deferent cycles, calculation of power densities, neutron flux, and burn-up as well as search for equilibrium were performed to determine the equilibrium core. Standard computer codes WIMSD-5B and CITVAP were used.

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