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Scientific Manager: Sinman, Sadrettin1
Leader: Sinman, Ayten

For this research programme, 2 Ph.D. and 3 M.Sc. students will attend to next academic year.

Research activities:
Theoretical studies and computational experiments are performed on the improvement of the spherical tokamak concept - including the spherical pinch tokamak - using magnetically driven multiple plasma guns. In this context, analytical and numerical models for current drive are developed, based on magnetic helicity injection in the relaxation state and bootstrap currents. In addition, the complex current drive mechanisms produced by helical currents with different pitches are studied. Finally, the overall system parameters are investigated from the viewpoint of an alternative small scale fusion reactor design.

For the experimental investigations, a new Parametric Spherical Tokamak with Plasma Centerpost (STPC-E) machine of which the conceptual design and the computational experimental results as well as the cross-sectional layout were presented at the Maastricht Conference, has already been constructed. The STPC-E system is based on a modular design concept and consists of a simulated single turn, high current toroidal field coil controlled by a Magnetically Driven Plasma Gun combined with an Energetic Pulse Forming Line (MDPG-EPFL). The main parts of the toroidal field coil consist of the shock heated, time varying, non-linear plasma belt in the flux conserver and the coplementary back strap at the outside. The poloidal current loop is complated by the pre-programmed trigatron switch and EPFL. The complate STPC-E is formed by the multi-segmented MDPG+EPFL system modules located around the flux conserver. In order to produce either pre-ionization and pre-heating, a separate internal Fast Compact Toroid Injector (FCTI) is added to this MDPG-EPFL assembly. Each module consists of three MDPGs together with one EPFL, one FCTI and one trigatron switch. In addition, a central solenoid is added into STPC-E in order to control the interlink between toroidal and poloidal field lines in the flux concerver centre. Moreover, for controlling the eddy currents created at the flux concerver, two passive rods are connected separately to the top and bottom walls of the flux conserver near the centre. For single-null poloidal divertor in STPC-E, an external solenoid is employed.

1 Visiting Professor from Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Middle East Technical University, Inonu, Bulvari, 06531 Ankara, Turkey.

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