International Symposium on Uranium Raw Material for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle:
Exploration, Mining, Production, Supply and Demand,
Economics and  Environmental Issues

No. of paper IAEA-
Name Designating Member State/ Organization Title of Paper
111 Y. Sokolov IAEA Welcome address
55 F.J. Dahlkamp Germany The uranium world in transition from stagnancy to revival
112 A C. Ganguly IAEA IAEA activities on uranium resources and production and databases for the nuclear fuel cycle
112 B J. Slezak IAEA Uranium Production Cycle Subprogramme (1.2.1) Activities
113 M. McMurphy France Keynote address
72 R. Vance OECD/NEA A long-term view of uranium supply and demand
99 S. Saint-Pierre WNA WNA’s worldwide overview on front-end nuclear fuel cycle growth (supply and demand)
TOPICAL SESSION 1: Uranium markets and economics
52 G. Capus France Nuclear power has a bright outlook and information on uranium resources is our duty
85 K. Welham United Kingdom 4 years on: Review of Market Developments
97 M. Roche Australia Uranium Stewardship – the unifying foundation
114 A. Petoe IAEA Safeguards obligations related to uranium/thorium mining and processing
7 A. McKay Australia A review of uranium resources, production and exploration in Australia
22 J. Marlatt Canada Paradigmatic shifts in exploration process: The role of industry-academia collaborative research and  development in discovering the next generation of uranium ore deposits
79 A. Boytsov Russian Federation Uranium mining capabilities in the Russian Federation
33 W. Cong China Nuclear industry in China
63 R. Gupta India Technical developments in uranium mining and milling in India
TOPICAL SESSION 2: Social licensing in UPC
104 R. Gladue Canada AREVA’s social licensing experience in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada
75 A. Dari Niger Social licensing in the uranium cycle production (case of Niger)
115 P. Waggitt IAEA Uranium mining and stakeholder engagement in the Northern Territory, Australia
106 Y. Marignac France Environmental protection in the management of closed uranium mining sites in France: a pluralistic expertise approach for assessing short, medium and long term options
21 H. Monken-Fernandez
(M. Franklin)
Brazil Social license and environmental protection: When compliance with regulations is not enough
TOPICAL SESSION 3: Uranium exploration and geology
81 L. Ainslie South Africa Uranium exploration, resources and production in South Africa
9 M. Fairclough Australia South Australian Uranium Mineral Systems: A spectrum of mineralization across the ages and across styles (‘uranium is where you find it’)
61 A. Chaki India An overview of uranium exploration strategy in India
43 L. Gonzalez-Oviedo Colombia Uranium exploration in Paipa and Iza area (Colombia), new contributions (preliminary report)
88 F. Howari USA Potential and existing uranium resources of the Middle East and North Africa
45 M. Matolin Czech Republic Levelling airborne and ground gamma-ray spectrometric data to assist uranium exploration
29 G. Wood Canada The application of borehole seismic techniques in mine development at the millennium
11 A. Bisset Australia Applied electromagnetic methods in the search for shallow unconformity related uranium mineralisation in Australia
94 S. Fedyanin Uzbekistan Geophysical testing of low-grade uranium ore technogenic formations
71 W. Swiegers Namibia The Namibian uranium mining model: Voluntary sector initiatives underpinned by a regulatory safety net ensures best practice
30 S.B. Xie China The composite interception technology of biochemistry for uranium pollution control at the uranium tailings
TOPICAL SESSION 4: Uranium mining and processing
79 A. Boytsov Russian Federation Elkon – A new world class Russian uranium mine
86 G. Catchpole USA Licensing status of new and expanding in-situ recovery uranium projects in the United States
91 N. W. Reynolds USA Uranium potential and socio-political environment for uranium mining in the eastern United States of America with emphasis on the Coles Hill uranium deposit
56 M. Csovari Hungary Experience gained from the former uranium ore processing and the remediation of the site in Hungary
23 C. Edwards Canada Underground milling of uranium ores
17 L. A. Gomiero Brazil Converting the Caetité mill process to enhance uranium recovery and expand production
12 D. Marsh Australia Development and expansion of the Langer Heinrich Operation in Namibia
87 J. Otton USA PAPER: In-situ recovery uranium mining in the United States: Overview of production and remediation
110 A. Castillo Argentina Uranium production cycle: Argentina situation
120 F.X. Campbell,
M. Rock Zuccato,
N. Colinet
IAEA  The IAEA’s Technical Cooperation Programme: Delivering Results for Peace and Development
6 L. Lopez Argentina Overview of the recent IAEA national technical cooperation projects on uranium exploration in Argentina
116 J. Slezak IAEA Technical officer’s experience in supporting TC projects implementation
TOPICAL Session 5: Environmental and regulatory issues
10 M. Iles Australia Uranium in aquatic sediments: Where are the guidelines?
65 A.K. Suri India PAPER: Recent pilot plant experience on alkaline leaching of low grade uranium ore in India
15 H. Maerten Germany Uranium ISR mine closure – general concepts and model-based simulation of natural attenuation for South-Australian mine sites
100 M.A. Charette WNTI An overview of the international transport of uranium concentrates
78 F. Carvalho Portugal Environmental remediation and radioactivity monitoring of uranium mining legacy in Portugal
24 D. Schryer Canada The regulatory perspective on radiation protection in Canadian uranium mines 
7 A. McKay Australia What is world's best pracitce for in situ leach uranium mining?
26 D.G. Feasby Canada Issues in developing a new uranium mine in Canada
54 P. Schmidt Germany Uranium mining and milling environmental liabilities management in Germany – lessons learned during almost two decades of implementation of the WISMUT rehabilitation project
84 V. Riazantsev Ukraine Screening assessment of radionuclide migration in groundwater from the ‘Dneprovskoe’ tailings impoundment (Dneprodzerzhynsk City) and evaluation of remedial options 
98 S. Saint-Pierre WNA WNA’s worldwide overview on nuclear's health, safety and environmental issues and challenges
TOPICAL Session 6: Human resources development
53 H. Ahmadzadeh,
J.L. Petitclerc
France Cooperation with emerging countries in advanced mining training programmes involving an industrial partner
108 M. Cuney France Training and education in uranium geology and exploration
109 J. Trojacek Czech Republic WNU-School of uranium production: An international training centre
90 S. Brown USA The United States uranium recovery industry and the current nuclear renaissance: A health physicists perspective
117 J. Slezak IAEA The IAEA support to training and education in uranium production cycle – a new task