Vienna, 9-12 February 2010


Member State / Organization


Title of Paper
1 IAEA P. Jamet Nuclear Safety Infrastructure Development
2 IAEA P. Vincze Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development
SESSION 1: National Strategy for the Development of Infrastructure for Nuclear Power
1 Chile J.J Rivas The Chilean Strategy for Assessing the Nuclear Power Option
2 Jordan D. Amawi Challenges and Opportunities for National Nuclear Infrastructure : the Case of Jordan
3 Egypt M. A. El-Asiry Egyptian Nuclear Programme Strategy & Infrastructure Development Action Plan
4 Egypt A. Nada General Information on the Status of the Egyptian Nuclear Regulatory Infrastructure
5 Indonesia A. S. Sastratenaya National strategy for nuclear power programme infrastructure and status of implementation
6 Malaysia N. F. Bakri Nuclear Regulatory Infrastructure in Malaysia
7 Poland T. Nowacki Nuclear Power Programme for Poland: Objectives, Assumptions and Basic Infrastructure
8 Thailand C. Pichalai Managing the Development of a National Infrastructure
for the Nuclear Power in Thailand
9 Thailand C. Toskulkao Nuclear Power Program Infrastructure and status of implementation: Regulatory Body
10 Tunisia A. Trabelsi Status of the National Nuclear Infrastructure Development in Tunisia
11 Vietnam T.K. D. Le An Overview on Building up National Infrastructure on the Way to Introduce Nuclear Power into Vietnam
Breakout Session on Infrastructure Development Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
SESSION 2: National Strategy and stategic plans for Human Resources Development for Nuclear Power Programme
1 IAEA Z. Pasztory IAEA activities on Human Resource Development and Nuclear Knowledge Management for Newcomers
2 WANO J. Bens How WANO can help new entrants developing a strong nuclear safety culture
3 IAEA J. Bastos Human Resources Development for Nuclear Safety
5 Russian Federation V. Artisyuk Cooperation experience of Central Institute for Continuing Education&Training and Concern “Rosenergoatom” in training managers and specialists  for nuclear power industry
6 Romania L. Biro Romanian Nuclear Safety Authority Experiences on Human Resources Development
7 Romania I. Rotaru Romanian experience in training and qualification of the NPP owner/operator for unit 1 of Cernavoda NPP
8 Poland - France C. Guet A Polish-French Initiative of Teacher’s training in Nuclear Engineering
9 Ghana B. Nyarko Human Resource capacity building for the introduction of nuclear power in Ghana
10 Belarus V. Paliokhovich Current Status of the National Nuclear Infrastructure and Human Resources Development  in the Republic of Belarus
11 Sudan F. I. Habbani Human Resources Development  for Sudan Nuclear Power Programme
12 Algeria R. Menadi Algerian nuclear power programme: Status, needs and perspectives
Breakout Session on HR Development Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
SESSION 3: Capacity building in specific areas
Panel 1: Building National Capabilities for Safeguards
1 IAEA J. M. Crete Capacity Building for Safeguards : Some Perspectives
2 Vietnam T.K.D. Le Safeguards Infrastructure Development in Vietnam
3 Jordan N. Abutaleb Building of National Safeguards Capabilities in Jordan
4 EC S. Synetos 1. Bridging the National & International Levels: The Euratom Experience and expertise

2. EU Nuclear Safeguards activities
5 USA M. Van Sickle Harmonization of Nuclear Safeguards Infrastructure Development
Panel 2: Building National Capabilities for Security
6 IAEA A. Stadalnikas Support for the Development of Infrastructure in the Area of Nuclear Security
7 Malaysia N. F. Bakri Nuclear Security in Malaysia; Status and Strategy
8 Chile M. Lichtemberg Security status in Chile
9 Romania L. Biro Romanian Nuclear Safety Authority Experiences on Building the National Capability for Nuclear Security
SESSION 4: Potential Additional Assistance for Nuclear Infrastructure Development
1 Japan A. Izumo Potential Assistance for Nuclear Infrastructure Development
2 IAEA G. Caruso Establishing a Safety Infrastructure for a National Nuclear Power Programme
3 IAEA A. McDonald Directions for Strengthening the Agency's Assistance to Countries Considering or Introducing Nuclear Power
SESSION 5: Lessons learned from experience. NPP Vendor perspectives
1 Westinghouse P. Gaio The Challenges Facing New Generation Capacity
2 AECL J. Saroudis AECL Perspectives on newcomer NPP owners: lessons from the Cernavoda experience
3 Areva A. Teller Expectations regarding Nuclear Infrastructure in Newcomer Countries
4 Atomstroyexport V. Artisyuk Practices of collaboration with local industry in projects of NPP construction worldwide
5 Hitachi – GE Nuclear Energy Ltd F. Murata Main Infrastructure Preparation and Local Human Resource Development for First Nuclear Power Plant Construction

Breakout Session on NPP Vendor experiences
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
SESSION 6: Key Note Speaker
1 Chile M. Tokman
Energy Minister
Nuclear electricity in Chile: how far, how close?