Quality Assurance Programme for Screen Film Mammography
IAEA Human Health Series No.  2
This publication establishes a detailed set of protocols concerning the application of radiation for medical purposes within the speciality of mammography. The publication addresses the requirements of a quality assurance programme which will allow an organization to optimize the conditions necessary to achieve the early detection of breast cancer and assure its successful treatment. To that end, the publication contains details of actions needed to install and promote the quality culture, systematic programme of conduct and appropriate education that are critical for success. Instructional material to supplement the knowledge of professionals already working in this field is also provided, as well as quality control worksheets.
STI/PUB/1381, 221 pp.; 91 figures; 2009, ISBN 978-92-0-101609-6, English. 55.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2009-12-21. Full Text, (File Size: 1660 KB).
Subject Classification: 0103 - Medical physics (including dosimetry).
Responsible Officer: Mr Ian McLean, TCAP

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